The Catch Log App for Angler


The Catch Log App for Angler

Many anglers fill in catch logs exhaustingly handwritten for years already, during their fishing sessions or when being back if the prepared papers are full again or left at home. But often you can’t remember all the crucial details then. Likewise handwritten catch logs also require time-consuming evaluation at the end of the year.

Especially designed for fishing, this catch log app allows you to save all important information about your catches and bites on your smartphone. Many parameters can be entered via one tap only without having to write a lot. In addition you can add pictures of your caught fishes to every input.

Analyze your catch success

On the basis of water, spot, date and time, water level, weather, wind force, lunar phase, air temperature, water temperature, wind direction, air pressure, species, weight, rig, bait or any other remarks you can analyze your catch success and make the right conclusions when it’s time to be at the water.

Graphical evaluation

On the basis of the graphical evaluation you can see the trend at a glance, which conditions are highly promising. These statistics you can watch for your overall data, for a special water only, or even for a special spot. An intelligent search helps to find catches which are already long way back in time.


The parameters in overview.

Unlimited waters

Unlimited spots

Date and time

Water level


Wind force

Lunar phase

Air temperature

Water temperature

Wind direction

Air pressure







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Here you can download the app for your respective platform.


Is the saved database equal for everyone and visible for everybody? Who can see my saved data?

The data about your saved hot-spots, name of waters and everything else you save with this app, is saved on your device solely. This data is not accessible to anyone else.

Surely you as the developer have diverse possibilities to access the data indirect or direct, but who else?

No, we insure that neither we nor anyone else can access the data created with this app. From a technical standpoint, it could be possible, but our software is not phoning home. To determine if it is visible to Google or Apple, you should refer to your appliance terms of use. As the developer, this is out of our control.

If I install the app and change my smartphone, do I lose the saved data?

You can backup your old smartphone with your computer and restore your new smartphone from this backup. This way you keep all your saved data created with this app. Even if you switch from Android to iOS, or vice versa, you can export your data and import it on the new device.

Do I have to rebuy the app or would it be ported to the new smartphone?

The app purchase is linked to your user account at Google or Apple. You only have to buy this app once on each platform.

Do the features work without internet connection?

This app is fully useable without internet connection.

Is a test version of this app available?

No, unfortunately neither Apple nor Google provide an option for developers to release a time restricted test version of an app.

Google Play rejects my payment per mobile payments?

Please contact Google Play support or your mobile network operator.


Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our app, suggestions of features you would love to have in the next update,
or even if you found a bug. We’re here to help.

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